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Vaccinations in London Care Homes, Schools and for Local Authority Staff

Vaccinations in Care Homes & Schools packs:

Vaccination for those who work in care homes:

London Region commissioners and the Care Home Network has arranged the following protocol:

  1. Influenza vaccines have been made available from 12th September 2017 and should be completed before the festive holiday. They are available from GP Practices (check with your Practice Nurse) and local pharmacies (check out ).
  2. All residents should be offered their influenza vaccine in the care home by their GP but they can also be vaccinated by the local community pharmacist if this is more convenient.
  3. All care home staff who have a long-term condition themselves or who are carers at home, should go to their GP or local community pharmacy to get their own free influenza vaccine.
  4. Any other care home staff will also be classed as ‘carer” in London and they will be deemed eligible for their own free influenza vaccine, using their ID badge.
  5. Care Home owners/managers could contact their local pharmacy to arrange the pharmacist to come in and deliver influenza vaccines to groups of residents and staff, including catering and cleaning staff who may occasionally come into contact with residents.
  6. London Region & Healthy London Partnership will be contacting Care Homes who frequently use London Ambulance Services and their local A&E to supportively offer other targeted influenza vaccination interventions.

Vaccination for Local Authority staff and social care staff:

Please also note that:

  • All Local Authority staff and social care staff can be vaccinated under the London vaccination service.