The Summary Care Record (SCR) is a ‘read only’ electronic patient summary containing key clinical information. It has been created with information held by a patient’s GP practice and is updated whenever there is relevant change.

As a minimum the SCR contains:

  • Medicines: Acute, repeat and discontinued repeat items (discontinued items will be dependent upon the GP system which created it)
  • Allergies
  • Adverse reactions
  • Other information may also be available on a SCR, such as diagnoses, test results etc.

Providing community pharmacies with access to the SCR has the potential to support the increasing demands on the wider healthcare economy.

  • When dispensing an emergency supply (at the request of the patient) to verify the name, form, strength and dose of medicine previously had by the patient
  • Times when you would want to ask the GP practice for medicines/allergies/ adverse reaction information
  • Supporting self-care for public health services and promoting healthy lifestyles
  • During a medicines use review (MUR) to verify and compare medicines currently being prescribed and their allergy status, where this is not already known
  • For provision of the New Medicine Service (NMS)
  • When supplying medicines under a locally commissioned service, eg supply of medicines on NHS Patient Group Direction (PGD), during minor ailments consultations (MAS)


Mandatory Community Pharmacy Team Summary Care Record (SCR) face-to-face training

“If you do not attend one of the face to face workshops, 

you will not gain access to SCR for your pharmacy site

– No additional workshops will be organised –

You are at risk of your pharmacy not gaining any access to SCR”

We have changed date availability due to having over 1000 pharmacists registered.
 Book your mandatory face to face training here

Dates for up coming local face to face training

  • Thursday 21st July 19:00 – Camden Town Hall, First Floor Committee Room 1 Judd Street London WC1H 9JE

Individuals attending should be:

  1. SCR End User – pharmacist and/or level 3 registered technician that will be using SCR in the pharmacy
  2. Privacy officer – superintendent pharmacist, pharmacist, owner, manager, technician and can be non-clinical person as will be the person required to check and monitor SCR accesses ensuring appropriate access and compliance with IG governance.

In order to attend these events, make sure you follow the procedures below:

In order to attend these events, you are required to provide us with details of your privacy officer for your RA teams to successfully update your smart card access.

Book your mandatory face to face training here.

Please refer to the attached booking FAQ document to resolve common booking queries, otherwise, contact for unresolved queries.

The following companies are using in-house training, staff from these multiples should not attend the NEL CSU training:

  • Lloydspharmacy
  • Boots
  • Tesco
  • Superdrug
  • Morrisons
  • Day Lewis
  • Rowlands

NHS England London team cannot add roles to smartcards for the multiples, these staff would need to go back to their respective organisations.

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