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PQS Part 1 for 2020/21 confirmed

Part one of the Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2020/21 has been announced. There are 14 actions set out in the ‘Part 1 Essential Checklist’ which all relate to your response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, should you meet all the requirements you can claim for £1,630.

Claims will be done through the Manage Your Services (MYS) Portal, you must submit between 14th July 2020 and 23:59 on 29th January 2021.

Click here for the Pharmacy Quality Scheme Letter, including the 14 point checklist

In order to be eligible for Part 2 of the PQS, you must complete part one. Further detail is expected in September 2020.

PSNC have developed support materials for pharmacies, we recommend you go through PSNC Guidance for further information support. Click here to view the PSNC PQS webpage.

Read through the above letter in full and utilise PSNC’s materials and guidance before beginning your submission.