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MUST READ: Sonar Flu Service 2021-22


Dear All –  Update re:Sonar flu Service ,

We hope you’re well. 
Flu season has started and the Pharmacy vacc service 2021/22 tab is live on Sonar. Before pharmacists begin recording vaccination data on Sonar there are 4 steps they should take. 
1. Logging onto Sonar.
Pharmacists must log into Sonar using their login details on the website Once they have logged in they will need to select the ‘Pharmacy Vacc service 2021/22’ under NHS services on their Sonar homepage. There is no direct login to yet- But it needs to be white listed as it will navigate to that  URL – Some Companies operate a white listing policy so the URL needs to be on their internet access white list ( Often managed by IT Department only) . 
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2. Click on Home and review. 
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3. Add Stock 
Before starting vaccinating, you must add your stock levels. In order to do this, select ‘Stock control’ and then add your stock. For more information on how to do so, please refer to the user guide.
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4. Click the seasonal flu service to begin the service


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Please find the user guide attached. 
If you have any issues while entering flu records, please send a screenshot to
Always as a first option all  communication should be via this email please .

Pritpal Thind

Sonar Informatics Limited
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