1. Privacy officer can be any individual employed by the pharmacy e.g. counter assistant, dispenser, pharmacist, locum pharmacist
  2. If a privacy officer does not yet have a smartcard they can still book on to attend implementation training
  3. If the pharmacist has not yet completed CPPE online training they can still book to attend training and complete this training prior to event
  4. New smartcards for privacy officers need to be requested by the normal local RA process e.g. log a call with the helpdesk
  5. If a pharmacist does not have any other employee that can be a privacy officer than somebody outside of the pharmacy organisation can be a privacy officer but the pharmacy needs to agree terms of service with that individual and document this agreement between both parties
  6. If you have not completed AUA form still tick YES box to progress and complete booking but complete this form ASAP (you cannot go live with SCR unless you do)
  7. Locum refers to a 5F locum that works in 5 or more sites – if you are a locum but employed on a regular basis to work in that pharmacy e.g. 1 or 2 days a week and you have been selected by your pharmacy to attend the event then tick YES
  8. If are a true 5F locum e.g. work in 5 plus sites and/or work in not a regular pharmacy then you do not need to book onto training (your CPPE online training is sufficient) but you do need to email your details to this email ENGLAND.londonscr@nhs.net you will need to provide:
  • Name
  • Smartcard UUID number (long number on front of smartcard)
  • GPhC number
  • PDF of CPPE online training certificate
  • Email/letter from one recent pharmacy you have worked at to confirm you are a locum that has worked recently for a pharmacy

9. If you an SCR end user and a Privacy officer – enter in your name and the name of at least one other individual into privacy officer field e.g. 2 privacy officers 1- Richard Ince 2-Ross Wilkins

  1. For privacy officer smartcard if non clinical person and you do not have smartcard yet enter – waiting on smartcard/smartcard applied for etc
  2. Privacy officer ODS code – this is the pharmacy where your privacy officer normally works
  3. If you have tried to book but cannot complete the process and have already tried contacting the NHS London team then call the London SCR Implementation Manager Harpreet Shergill on 07771 615 347.