Pharmacy Voice produced a series of ‘Landscape’ documents when the coalition government took up power in 2010 and implemented the reforms of health and social care. Pharmacy Voice has now produced an update of the local commissioning landscape and readers are encouraged to cascade this document to your pharmacy teams.  The purpose of this discussion paper is to help make sense of current health and care policy drivers, service developments and organisational structures, and to encourage greater involvement of community pharmacy leaders in both national programmes and local initiatives. The paper sets out some key messages, commitments and recommendations on what needs to happen to enable this, and to ensure community pharmacy has a seat at every table where health and care reform is debated and designed.

In addition, Pharmacy Voice has mapped, by Local Pharmaceutical Committees, the various NHS England programmes, initiatives, New Care Model vanguard sites and more so that you can see how much is going on in the local commissioning landscape across your area. This document is attached.

Local Commissioning Landscape FINAL June 2015 Pharmacy Voice

Appendix LPCs – Map of Local Commissioning Landscape June 2015