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Important information: Vaccination Services and DoC

Dear Colleague,

The influenza season will be here soon and we have made some changes to the Declaration of Competence (DoC) system which may affect you when completing your DoC for this season.

Previously, there have been two separate Declaration of Competence (DoC) frameworks for the NHS Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service and other locally commissioned Immunisation services. This meant that those pharmacy professionals providing the NHS service along with a locally commissioned Influenza service had to complete two DoCs.

This year, the two DoCs have been merged and a new single DoC framework developed for all vaccination services. We recommend that the DoC is revisited every two years, so some people may not need to complete this new Vaccination Services DoC for the 2018-19 influenza service if they completed the practical training and completed their DoC for the 2017-18 influenza season.

However, as this DoC covers all vaccinations, the competency framework should be revisited whenever a service for a different vaccination is introduced and the statement of declaration re-signed. In addition to completing the DoC every two years, the requirement for healthcare professionals to complete an annual update remains. This annual refresher training to update your knowledge can be self-directed learning and does not need to be face-to-face training.

What else is new in the Vaccination Services DoC?
The 2018 National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training for Registered Healthcare Practitioners include a new requirement for supervised clinical practice following training. 
If you are a new vaccinator we recommend the following steps:

1.     Complete the face-to-face training
2.     Complete the DoC
3.     Undertake a period of supervised practice with a registered healthcare practitioner who is experienced, up to date and competent in immunisation, and should you identify any additional training need during the supervised practice, undertake the further training and then review your DoC

If you have vaccinated patients in the past and consider yourself to be an experienced vaccinator, supervised practice would only be required if you feel it would benefit your professional practice, eg if a long duration of time has passed since you last vaccinated patients.

The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) has developed a helpful frequently asked questions webpage relating to the supervision clause.

Consultation skills
Along with safeguarding, actively working towards the Consultation skills for pharmacy practice: practice standards for England is a core competence when completing any of the DoCs in the portfolio.

So, what does this mean in practice? Making a declaration that you are ‘actively working towards’ the standards means that you are declaring that you are undertaking the relevant learning and continuing professional development (CPD) to meet the standards. It is expected that all pharmacy professionals will have accessed the standards and associated learning to meet this requirement, and that they will complete the Consultation skills for pharmacy practice assessment within 12 months of signing the Declaration of Competence statement.

The new Vaccination Services with the use of patient group directions (PGDs) DoC launched on Tuesday 10 July 2018. For further information on the Declaration of Competence system, visit:

Keeping your practice up to date
To support you in keeping your DoC portfolio up to date, we have developed a new automated system which sends you a status report twice a year.

The report shows you when you last signed your statement of declaration for a specific service and the status of your DoC. It acts as a useful reminder of when to revisit the competencies in the DoC framework, access any further learning and assessment you need to remain up to date, and re-declare your competence for provision of a service.

To opt in to receiving this status report, you can edit your email preference on the Declaration of Competence overview page.