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Healthy Living Pharmacy

Community pharmacies have an important role to play in offering health and wellbeing advice and services. Camden and Islington Public Health and partners are launching a scheme called Healthy Living Pharmacies. Healthy Living Pharmacies will display a quality mark of excellence that gives the assurance that anyone accessing their services will enjoy high standards of service and care. So, what is special about a Healthy Living Pharmacy?
A Healthy Living Pharmacy:
  • Is identifiable to the public and other healthcare professionals
  • Proactively promotes healthy living and wellbeing
  • Seeks to reach out to the local community and to work in partnership to improve health in the local area
  • Has a pharmacist lead with enhanced skills in leadership
  • Has Healthy Living Champions
  • Consistently delivers a range of high quality NHS services
  • Maintains premises to a high professional standard with private consultation facilities and with appropriate
  • IT Works closely with other healthcare providers