Welcome to the HLP section of our website.

Here you can find details of what a Healthy Living Pharmacy is, what are the potential benefits of HLP status and information to start your pharmacy’s application to become an HLP.

You can find out more about HLP in Camden and Islington through the Healthy Living Pharmacy Prospectus.

The Healthy Living Pharmacy concept was developed by the Department of Health to build on the quality and effectiveness of community pharmacy services.  The concept was piloted in Portsmouth in 2009 and rolled-out nationally in 2011.

The public health white paper “Healthy Lives, Healthy People” published in 2010 recognised the contribution that Healthy Living Pharmacies can make regarding public health services.

“Community pharmacies are a valuable and trusted public health resource. With millions of contacts with the public each day, there is real potential to use community pharmacy teams more effectively to improve health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities”

The concept of a Healthy Living Pharmacy is a pharmacy that:

  • Delivers a broad range of services to a high quality and consistently, whatever the day of the week or month of the year
  • Has a team that are pro-active in supporting health and wellbeing, with the community’s health at the centre of what it does
  • Promotes healthy living and wellbeing as a core activity
  • Supports people with long-term conditions
  • Is accessible and  approachable
  • Is valued and trusted
  • Maintains premises to a high professional standard with private consultation facilities and IT linked to local practices when available
  • Works closely with other healthcare providers, reactively and proactively; and will be identifiable to the public and other healthcare professionals

To achieve the Healthy Living Pharmacy status pharmacies need to demonstrate three key areas of development:

Developing workforce – includes having Health Living Champions (HLC) and developing leadership skills.

Environment – includes having suitable premises, consultation room(s), health promotion area and IT capability.

Multidisciplinary engagement – working with GPs, Commissioners and other provider service.

Camden and Islington LPC is committed to the concept of developing as many Healthy Living Pharmacies within its locality.

If you are interest in your pharmacy joining the Healthy Living Pharmacy programme or have any questions please contact the LPC or checkout the PSNC guided here