Declaration of Competence: A Self Assessment Process to document your readiness to deliver Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy professionals are responsible and accountable for maintaining and improving the quality of their practice by keeping their knowledge and skills up-to-date and relevant to their role and the services they offer (GPhC Standards of conduct, ethics and performance July 2012). This self-assessment process provides pharmacy professionals with a framework to demonstrate to themselves, their employers and the service commissioners that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver a particular pharmacy service, which may include the supply of a prescription only medicine (POM) by pharmacists using a patient group direction (PGD).The framework includes details of available learning mapped to a range of core competencies which include the clinical, ethical, cultural and legal aspects of delivering this service. In addition to this it is expected that pharmacy professionals:

  • Practice within the GPhC Standards of Conduct, Ethics and Performance
  • Meets the GPhC Standards for Registered Premises
  • Meet the Practice Standards for Consultation skills in pharmacy practice as determined by Health Education England
  • Are aware of their safeguarding responsibilities.

This concept is built on the successful approach to harmonisation of accreditation for service delivery. Although initially developed in the North West this framework presents a national solution for the Declaration of Competence for the delivery of community pharmacy services.