Committee Members

Name   Representative Tel  email Declaration of Interest
 Placeholder1-200x300 Sanjay Ganvir
Independent Contractor: Camden  07852738363  Sanjay Ganvir – Declaration of Interest


Beneeta Shah
(Vice Chair)
CCA Rep: Boots  07826 918 835  Beneeta Shah –Declaration of Interest
 Placeholder1-200x300 Michael McAuley CCA Rep: Boots  Declaration of Interest
 Placeholder1-200x300 Jayesh Patel Independent Contractor: Camden 02074852159  Jayesh Patel –Declaration of Interest
 Placeholder1-200x300 Sanjay Patel Independent Contractor: Camden 02074354259  Sanjay Patel –Declaration of Interest
 Placeholder1-200x300 Udit Patel Independent Contractor: Islington 07939 089867  Udit Patel –Declaration of Interest
 Placeholder1-200x300 Nirali Patel Independent Contractor: Islington  Declaration of Interest
 Placeholder1-200x300 Reena Radia  CCA Rep: Boots  Declaration of Interest
 Placeholder1-200x300 Bipin Patel
Independent Contractor: Islington 07956830636  Bipin Patel –Declaration of Interest
 Placeholder1-200x300 Kamruddin Khaki  Independent Contractor: Camden 07831 502 512  Kamruddin Khaki –Declaration of Interest
 Placeholder1-200x300 Adeyinka Jolaoso   CCA Rep: Superdrug
Placeholder1-200x300 Dharmesh Patel  Independent Contractor: Islington 0207 226 2500  Dharmesh Patel –Declaration of Interest
Placeholder1-200x300 Kalpen Patel


Independent Contractor: Camden 07904 855 451  Kalpen Patel –Declaration of Interest

Yogendra Parmar Chief Officer Support – Declaration of Interest
Sub-committee LPC Member (sub group lead in Bold)
Communications Dharmesh Patel Kim Khaki Michael McAuley
Governance/Strategy (incl PNA & Market Entry) Sanjay Ganvir Beneeta Shah Adeyinka Jolaoso
Contractor Support Sanjay Patel Nirali Patel Udit Patel
Finance Kalpen Patel Bipin Patel Jayesh Patel Reena Radia